3 Reality TV Shows to Watch on Girls Nights

Are you spending a night in with the girls? It’s cheaper and more fun than going out to a bar where sleazy guys will try to pick you all up, and you can make as many drinks or snacks as you want! TV is a great way to bond with your girlfriends, and reality shows are the guilty pleasure we might not let ourselves watch alone or with other family members. With the girls, though, you can have a hoot just commenting on the ridiculous situations or outfits!

Here are three popular reality TV shows to keep you all entertained the next time you decide to have a night in, paint your nails, and gossip like you’re having a school sleepover again.

Dancing With the Stars

This TV series is a competitive one that pits couples against each other to win the championship title. Tom and Brooke are the current hosts, in case you haven’t been watching in the last few years, and the judges are Len, Carrie Ann, and Bruno, though there are often celebrity judges. Gorgeous celebrities, professional dancers, and public voting – what’s not to love? You’ll bond over choosing favorite pairs and watching the contestants try to avoid injuries, train hard, and bond with their dancing partners while climbing to the top of the rankings. Every perfect 30 is cause for celebration!

Millionaire Matchmaker

You might groan and change the channel if it came on while you’re by yourself, but with the girls, watching Millionaire Matchmaker is a way to live vicariously, laugh at people’s dating misfortunes, and share your own long-forgotten dating stories with each other during commercial breaks. You haven’t lived until you’ve watched the Millionaire’s Club crew finding compatible dates for ridiculously rich (and often good-looking) guys. There’s no better reason to get cable quickly by contacting your provider or CableTVAdvisor.com, since it’s hard to find this show otherwise. Just remember – no fighting over who gets to have them!

Real Housewives on Bravo

Are you sick of fictional housewife shows? This reality spinoff is popular with women all over the country, and installments from Orange County, NYC, Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, and Miami will keep you busy no matter how much you might hate one set of housewives. There are even international spinoffs from Vancouver, and soon to be France and Australia! You can follow the adventures and misadventures of these married, divorced, or single women throughout the country with your own girlfriends. Nothing strengthens friendships like watching the fickleness of others’ relationships!

If you’re spending a night in, why not enjoy yourself and watch reality TV that you might not otherwise indulge in? No longer do you have to worry about finding the rules for rummy or thinking up conversation topics over your second martini. You and your girlfriends can bond over the ridiculous exploits of the Real Housewives, gorgeous millionaires from Millionaire Matchmaker, or perfect dance routines on Dancing With the Stars. Reality TV provides entertainment for every girls night in.

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