The Ford Figo- Is it Worth All the Hype?

Ford Figo has many features, which exceed the magnitude of the small cars. Exteriors and interiors are extremely stylish. The car lovers fall for the looks of this car. This car gives more performance and comfort. The price is affordable, and the engine is worth this money. The car is trendy and flashy in its looks. The interior and exterior design looks very attractive. Robust bonnet, complicated window lines and the grill shape is perfect. The head and the tail lights are perfect. The seats are flexible, which can be adjusted to one’s comfort. There is enough space for the passengers. There are cup and magazine holders which makes the interiors stylish and bright.

The drivers of Ford Figo feel the safety and reliability when they are driving it. There are two options of petrol and diesel engines. The petrol engine has four regulators for each container and gives out the power of about 70 BHP. The diesel engine gives out 68BHP. The price of Ford Figo in Chennai is between Rs. 3, 96,315 to 6, 17,149. There are different variants ranging in this price. There are different colors available like moon dust silver, Colorado red, diamond white and panther black. This car is in the third place in sales.

Ford Figo is manufactured by Ford India Private Limited. The gear is manually controlled with five speed options. The top speed of this engine is about 164 kmph in high ways. The mileage of petrol engine is 12.5 kmpl in the city and 15.5 kmpl in the high ways. The vehicle follows the standards and thus gives out less emission. The diesel engine gives out 16kmpl in the city and 19kmpl on highways. The car displays the number of kilometers the car will give with the remaining petrol or diesel. This feature is called the `distance to empty` feature.

The grille in the front gives a trendy and racy style. The head lights give a bright look to the front. The look of Ford Figo is similar to Ford Fiesta. The glass area is more, and the window line is low. The car is worth the money paid. The finish and the quality are surely worth the price paid. The speed breakers will not disturb the body of the car in any way. The engine has 5 speed automated transmission and will thus be smooth on roads. The hydraulic power steering wheel

gives the pleasure of driving.

This car has a design of class and the grille with a stylish look. The roof is sloppy to make it look trendy. The interior space is quite comfortable to fit in 5 adults. The leg and head space is comfortable. The boot space can hold a lot of luggage. The quality of the ride is worth the money paid for the car. This car carries the technology of Ford Fiesta and thus gives all the comforts to the passengers. The price of Ford Figo in Chennai can be obtained through the Internet. The place, model and brand have to be mentioned to get the present price.

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