How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Car Wrap Campaign

Gas isn’t the only thing you should maximize and get the most out of. If you have a wrapped car or a fleet of car wraps at your disposal, it’s important that you get the most out of it. Car wrap advertising is big nowadays. It allows you to advertise not just to your target audience but even their friends and relatives. Car wrap campaign is such a big way of advertising but it shouldn’t be a hard way to advertise. This is why we’ve gathered some important tips to help you get the most out of your car wrap.

1. Design is key

A great car wrap design will take you places! Remember the few rules when it comes to car wraps: easy-to-read fonts, simple designs, catchy one liner, and a call to action. It’s a big bonus if you execute the design in a flawless manner complete with a funny mascot. Explore for similar great tips on increasing car mileage.

Remember, when it comes to car wraps, optical illusions and comedy are king. Just think of it this way, if you’re stuck in traffic, would you gravitate to a “boring” car wrap design or something that alleviates the boredom like a funny car wrap campaign? And remember, if your car or vehicle is zooming through the highway, are your graphics still viewable or do they simply blur into the background? This is why when it comes to car wraps, a lot of people believe that bigger and simple graphics are always better than small and intricate designs.

2. Don’t DIY

In a world of DIY, it’s very tempting to cut a few costs and just DIY. The thing about DIY is that it doesn’t take into account the extra costs you acquire because of faulty this and that. If you DIY and your wrap lasts for a few months instead of years, then that wrap will cost you more than double if you simply had a professional wrap your auto.

3. Combine different campaigns

Car wraps work best when combined with other forms of marketing campaign. Some companies have been known to combine their car wrap campaigns with their radio or print ads. For example, you can promote a new product or service by giving a discount if your customers spot your car wrap at a specific location and taking an Instagram photo of it. The possibilities are endless!

4. Drive, drive, drive

If you have a car wrap in your marketing arsenal, make the most out of it. Especially if you’re a one-man show and you’re running a small business, make the most out of that car wrap by using it when simply running errands to the grocery store (a parking lot is a great ad space!) or going out of town. Just remember to make your car as presentable as possible! Don’t forget to have your car washed and polished properly by professionals who know how to treat a wrapped car. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information about the latest models of automobiles in the auto industry.

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