Six Work Wear Trends 2013

While some people may think professional clothing has to be dowdy and drab, for others the office is the perfect place to show off their fashion finesse. This year’s clothing trends are great for looking your best while attending business. Here are some of the hottest trends and how you can make them work for you while at work.

Trend #1: The Patterned Sheath Dress

The sheath dress will always be a staple of the professional woman’s wardrobe. This year the trend is to spice up the classic sheath with bright colors and patterns. These dresses work for almost every body type out there and they are perfectly appropriate for the work place. Adding a fun print or colorful pattern can help personalize the style and give it some flair. They can be dressed up for meetings with a traditional black blazer or be worn with eye-catching accessories like a patent leather belt for happy hour drinks with the coworkers.

Trend #2: The Printed Silky Blouse

Nothing pulls together an outfit like a beautiful silky blouse. Flowy button down blouses look good with everything from a hip-hugging pencil skirt to a pair of loose high-waisted slacks. They are the perfect combination of fashionably trendy and business savvy. The look for this season is all about printed silky blouses. From polka dots and florals to refines animal prints, office shirts are getting an attitude makeover. They can be worn under a blazer or a vest for a more subtle approach or as a standalone top to really make a statement. To learn more about the silky fashion blouses their colors, and prints visit this website:

Trend #3: The Full Midi Skirt

The midi skirt is back in style and has retaken its rightful place in the office. The length of the midi, more modest than the mini but more versatile than a full length skirt, makes it perfect for the everyday work outfit. Fuller fashions like A line and pleated skirts are especially trendy, bringing a feminine touch to any ensemble. Pair this year’s midi skirts with simple blouses and cardigans for a classy and comfortable look.

Trend #4: The Cropped Pants Suit

The dark suit is the timeless centerpiece of work wear fashions. They are perfect for big meetings, important interviews, and just for days when you need to remind everyone of your professional prowess. The 2013 fashion world has provided a twist on the classic trousers-and-jacket suit – cropped pants.

Normally these shorter pants would be reserved for casual Fridays, but now as part of a formal suit, they can be as classy and professional as you like. Pair your suit with a crisp button down and classic pumps, and it offers you the chance to look powerful and competent as well as feminine and fashion forward.

Trend #5: The Skater Dress

The skater dress is probably the trendiest silhouette in women’s fashion right now. The cut is very flattering with its fitted top and flared skirt. While the skater dress is great for date nights and weekends with the girls, it can also be a wonderful option for the workplace. Choose skirt lengths that are longer, to the knee or an above, and make sure you have a blazer or cardigan to cover bare shoulders. The skater dress is a flirty and fun style but can be office appropriate with the right tasteful accessories and shoes.

Trend #6: Peplum Detailing

Peplum is one of those fashion trends that looks like it has sticking power. Peplum is still very in and it is great for work wear. The ruffled design adds a bit of polish and class to almost any outfit. Peplum blouses and blazers can be paired seamlessly with a favorite pencil skirt to make a whole new look. Or for something spectacularly easy, a calf-length dress with peplum detail is the ultimate one piece ensemble for the office. Just add nylons and a pair of heels and you’ll be ready to take on the day. To get more information about the latest fashion trends in work wear outfits visit this website:

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